There are 2 versions of the API for browser operations: The standard one, that supports multiple connected browser instance, under InBrowser, and the singleton browser version, under InBrowserSinglton .

The difference is that the single-browser-instance API is simplified. For example:

// standard interface:
// Assume we have: InBrowser browser = .... ;

// Single browser version:
// assume we have static imports from InBrowserSingleton

Supported Operations

Supported operations include:

Select Menu

Since the Select API in Selenium is good for most use cases, dollarx did not re-implement it. Instead, to use it, you would do something like:

//For clarity, I avoided any static imports. In real life, I encourage using them.

// my dropdown menu is the first "select" element in the form.
Path selectElement =;

Select myDropdownMenu = InBrowserSingleton.getSelect(selectElement);

// use the Selenium Select API ...